First blog post


There’s light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t know what you are going through but I want to let you know that your joy is coming. Before light comes it gets darker but don’t be discouraged or afraid light is coming. You are about to enter in your greatness.

The purpose of this blog is to help every young person  understand that there is greatness inside them. I’m also on a journey to identify and understand the greatness inside me.

So join me and let’s step into greatness together.


Believe in yourself

Hey everyone 

This is my first blog post this year 2017, Happy New year and forgive me for being quiet. We are still stepping into greatness. 

Today it’s all about Believing in yourself.


 This is sometimes very difficult to do because in our walk to greatness we sometimes get discouraged and we may feel like giving up, I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately. It’s  hard believing in yourself when things don’t seem to be going well for you, when your dreams seem to be impossible to achieve, when greatness seems like it’s not inside you.

How do you continue to believe in yourself when everyone says you will never be anything in life, when you are told you are useless, when every door seems to be closed, when you keep failing while your friends are succeeding?! I know you keep asking yourself these questions and whole lot of other questions.


Today I want to tell you that in midst of everything you are going through don’t sit and give up, believe in yourself. It’s fine if other people don’t believe in you because not everyone will see our dreams the way we see them, some will tell you it’s never going to happen and some will  believe when they see them happening. You need to make a decision everyday when you wake up that no matter what other people say You will continue to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself no one will. You must be the first person that will encourage YOU. Let your dreams, visions, goals be the things that keep you going even when things are a mess in yourself life.

What will make you believe in yourself when things are upside down is setting your eyes on the prize( your goals, dreams, visions). When you fall you pick yourself up and continue to run. Have faith, things might not happen now but continue believing.


Run to your dreams, Run to your dreams, Run to your visions. Believe in yourself. Don’t allow people, thoughts, appearance, situation, your background, where you are now limit you. You have not limitations. You are more than who you think you are. You are so powerful. People discourage you because they see the power in you, the greatness inside you. 

Today I say to you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF 



I’m Baaaaaack

Hey everyone ❤

It’s been a long time, I’ve missed yall. I’ve been busy with exams and some other stuff but I’m back and I’m still all about greatness.

We are all born to be great, no matter what is happening in your life remember you are born for great things and what you are going through does not determine your future. I cannot wait to share with you what has been happening in my life and all the things I have learnt.

Remember you are born to be great and greatness is inside you.

Love yall

Journey to Greatness 2

Today I just want to encourage someone that is feeling down and out. It is normal to feel discouraged and tired at this time of the year. Maybe things are not going the way you wanted. You may feel alone and you may want to give up. I just want to tell you that pick yourself up baby, stop complaining, stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you have failed try again, do not give up. Rise again and step in your greatness. This is your journey.
Step in your greatness!!!! ❤

You cannot walk alone

On your journey to greatness you need someone that can walk with you, someone who is more matured than you. You do not need many people on your journey to greatness, just 1 person or 2 people is all you need. You need to be careful when you choose someone to walk with you on your journey because some people are not who you think they are. I’ve been disappointed by many people I trusted , people I thought I can walk with on this journey. Therefore don’t just choose anyone you like, choose wisely.

Be careful of the crowd you are in, be careful of the people around you .Some people that are in our lives have a mission to destroy us, some have things that will make our lives stagnant, you don’t need people like that on your journey. There is someone out there that is going to walk with you and you need to find that person. Maybe he/she is there but you just don not realise him/her.

You cannot walk alone on this journey, you need someone that will encourage you, someone that will lift you up when you are down. You need someone to walk with you on your journey to greatness.

You are great

We are women

As we are still celebrating women’s month, I wish we could support, love, pray, appreciate and encourage each other as women.

Can we please stop making each other feel less important or unloved. Can we stop discouraging each other. My prayer is that God may raise women that will lift each other up , women that will not celebrate another woman’s fall. Woman that will pray for each other, woman that will bring confidence in others, woman that don’t depend on sugar daddies, blessers, etc in order for them to succeed. Women that will stand for their beliefs, women that will mentor other young women, women that will not have pride.

AS women we are not created to destroy other people by the words we speak. We are created to be great , to succeed, to prosper, to be Queens.

You have no right to tell a WOMAN that she’s ugly or that she’s to fat or too thin, NO you have no right to do that at ALL. Let us love each other.

We are women and we are great.

You are powerful


You are powerful

You have power to create and power to destroy, power to move mountain, power to break, power to build, you have the power to shape your future.

You are powerful

You smile even though you are hiding scars with your make up, you are able to smile and laugh even though inside you are wounded. You are a pillar of strength. You are a go getter. You are more than you think you are. You are power, power is you. You are a woman. A woman of greatness. A woman of integrity. You and beautiful and you are a woman

You are powerful


Journey to greatness

The past two weeks have been difficult for me, I was faced with so many challenges and I felt lonely, discouraged and I wanted to give up. I was so unhappy. But I remembered one thing and that is: every challenge, every obstacle, every situation, every test I go through in life is not meant to kill me or destroy me but to shape me.

There will be times where you will go through challenges and tests, there will be times where you will feel like giving up, times where you will feel lost, unloved, discouraged, lonely and times where you will feel like you have no reason to live but it is those times that you need to understand how great you are, how powerful you are. The challenge you are going through will make you stronger than you are, it is preparing you for the future.

On your journey to greatness you will face many challenges but never ever give up. You are born to be great and the world is waiting for you.

Rise up.

In order for you to identify the greatness inside you, you need to RISE UP. Get out of that shell, get away from the crowd, move away from negativity. If you are still comfortable with where you are or what you are doing then you are far away from identifying greatness. You need to be uncomfortable because the greatness inside you is much much more than you think. When rising up you need to forget about your past mistakes or disappointments, you must run away from people that are negative because their negativity will pull you down. As you rise up be positive and remember this: you are on a journey to greatness because you are great. Now rise up and step in your greatness!!

You are great

You were born great. Inside you there’s greatness, there’s power to change things. You can be anything you want to be in life, you can achieve everything you want to achieve. Look inside you and you will see the greatness in you. The world is waiting for me and you to realise how great we are and step in that greatness. As you step in your greatness you will find your purpose in life because all of us have a purpose.

You are great!!